Monday, December 05, 2005

Funny Incident On Da Shaw


A funny thing happened to me while driving down Crenshaw Blvd in Los Angeles. Two ladies tried to stop me by any means necessary. They almost crashed into my car but luckily they didn't. At the corner of MLK and Crenshaw, the lady in the passenger side screamed out "THAT AIN'T DENZEL!!" Then she went on to say "HEY! YOU LOOK JUST LIKE DENZEL WASHINGTON!" I laughed and then I said, thank you. It appeared that the other woman who was behind the wheel thought I ignored her friends' compliment so she screamed out the window too.


I had to repeat my thank you and then they both got into a little discussion. They looked like they were debating over whether to keep talking to me or not... I was still kind of laughing and hoping that the green light would hurry up. When it did, I let them hear the sound of my VAROOM!

Denzel, hmmm.. that was nice... Folks also tell me I look like R. Kelly so go figure! Ha haa!! I think I look better than both them brothas and I'm taller.. Now if I could just have the same bank account... whew... I'd truly be precious.. *smile* Posted by Picasa

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