Saturday, January 22, 2005

A Memory From The Big Easy

New Orleans Thoughts Posted by Hello

I've seen this place in New Orleans a couple years ago that still trips me out today... Every so often it revisits my thoughts. I place a mental note that tells me to drop by again when I'm in the Big Easy... I dont know the name of this spot but it blew me away. The close proximity of project housing and the cemeteries that surround it. Maybe for me as an outsider it's more noticeable but to those living there, they shrug it off as a normal way of life. I have a fascination with cememteries but I dont know that I would enjoy being surrounded by one. And this particular cemetery also holds the woman they refer to as the "Voodoo Queen," Marie Laveaux inside. Next time I visit, I hope to talk to some of the people living inside this housing project and get their take on it. While I was there no one was outside. The most I saw was the stillness of life gone by and a few footprints left behind in the mud. Yeah, I plan to return there soon...

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