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Check it out... I'm representin the point of view of a husband in this article which I was blessed to be a part of for Bahiyah Woman's Magazine Online( In the article I'm responding to the wife wanting to know what's really goin on! Take a look... But don't get it twisted I'm not married! So, all the hundreds and thousands of ladies sending me emails, letters, cards, photos, and everything else, please continue to do so, aight! *smile*

Black Love

By Sharon ‘Shaye’ Gray, M.P.A and V. Anthony Rivers

Dearest Handsome,

I cannot believe we’re back here. Again.
The intrepid of my spirit is broken. Beaten. Worn. The path of yesteryear seems to be resilient which in design may be of conscious as it relates to our present.
Our relations.
Our ‘us’.

I’m suffocating at this crossroad.
Where do I stand? With you? With us?

If I may... take a moment to translate your daunting actions, it would create a stream of tears, derived from carelessness, lunacy and selfishness. How am I to grasp what I mean to you when all you’ve given me are caution and stop signs of the most obscure nature?

Am I living a boondoggle of neverland meets neverwill?

I digressed...before I can shift the blame or even search for a culprit, let me enlighten you…brush an air of understanding, for you, to my mindset.

I love you.
I will always love you.

You see, I’m perplexed at this interlude so I decided to take a moment and ruminate, ponder... truly, truly reflect... on ways to approach such fragility of one’s heart—mine, in particular. If I may, I should. Therefore, I have.

Absorb my words with the trueness in which they were obliged. Know the essence of my being as it relates to our union. Transcend your ‘I’ and translate our ‘us’, then mystify me as you had once, long ago and enlighten me...about our future and us.

Your Wickedly Unglued Wife,


Dearest Beautiful...

The only thing I can claim myself guilty of is trying too hard to constantly be your hero. I'm a stubborn man so at times I get disappointed in myself that I can't continue the pace of love and romance, similar to how I did when pursuing you. Do you remember those days? I hope it brings a smile to your face.

Believe me when I say, I have no desire to go anywhere else. I wish not to be another woman's man. I love being your husband and I adore you. I've had moments when I've taken for granted the blessing of being able to wake up next to you each morning. I'd rollover in the opposite direction, get up, go to the bathroom, start getting ready for my day, make my own coffee and later kiss you on the forehead as I say goodbye. That's the picture of a man in a hurry. A man not taking a moment to count his blessings. A man who forgot about the warmth and the escape from the world feeling he'd get whenever he'd rollover into your arms. Remember how I used to joke with you about your body temperature being so toasty in the morning? I hope this too brings a smile to your face...

You know how they say the pen is mightier than the sword? Well, two things that you said struck me in a powerful way. You asked that I look beyond myself or as you put it "transcend your 'I'." That's a beautiful statement and one that rocks the foundation of selfishness that I've been guilty of lately. Yes, I admit it to you, right here and now. I've taken you and us for granted and thus descended, if you will to "I." My motivation for many things in life has suffered, most importantly my purpose. But alas, things happen for a reason and remind you of where you come from if you're brave enough to listen.

Recently a friend of mine shared a song with me by an artist named Joi that awakened my mind and spirit to that which I've taken for granted. In this song, there's a line that goes "as long as you think you woke your ownself up this morning I can not love you- that's the truth." I've been walking around in a selfish mindset that made me forget about you as well as the powers above that created the path, which allowed me to find us. When I look at you, I see my soul. Moreover, when I think about the possibility of being without you, I'm no longer whole. That's not an option I need in my life and I pray you'll pick up the card of forgiveness that I've placed on the table before you right now... My heart, my soul, my love continues to be yours and only yours- forever.

By the way, that second powerful thing that you said? I wish to say it to you- I love you...

Your Husband,



Shelia said...

Whew...well some woman needs to grab you up and not let you go. Powerful words my brother.

Blah Blah Blah said...

hundreds of thousands?...let me find out........