Monday, April 10, 2006

Cultural Beauty

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I was hanging out today at Leimert Park where I witnessed a beautiful example of the so-called generation gap. The two faces you see above are the examples.. This little boy is definitely gonna be a heartbreaker and the man with his long dreads and a body full of wisdom probably got a serious story to tell. Today he was riding deep in the rhythm of the drums he was playing and the little boy danced in a circle along with some other little kids... Special shoutout to my sista Kim Roseberry for taking the shots so I could put it all together and make some magic for everyone to see and perhaps feel...


kolohe jo said...

Definitely feelin' it! The little boy's eyes.....amazing.....the innocence & purity of children... The coupling of the two speak so much..... are amazing yourself!

Thank you for the beautiful vision.....seeing the world through your eyes and words is inspiring in itself!


Groove said...

Peaceful is what comes to my mind.