Wednesday, June 17, 2009

That Moment

There are split seconds of unconscious times that a camera cannot always capture. Mostly that happens because individuals become conscious of the fact that something is being pointed at them so they react in some way, either embracing the fact that they're being photographed or putting up a defense while reluctantly submitting to being captured by image/photograph. Anyway, I say this to say that yesterday, as I enjoyed spending time with family at the gathering/repass of my mother, I noticed in one split second as I looked in the direction of my uncle Cecil "Bubba" Moorings that he in his moment of expression looked exactly like his mother, my grandmother, Alzata Moorings.. It was one of those moments when I wished I had my camera but I knew that if I attempted to take the shot, he would've noticed and the expression would've disappeared. I often wonder when moments like that happen, are we simply being visited by the loved one that's passed on. was my grandmother there in some way. I believe she was and perhaps my mother was two alongside of her; both probably enjoying the love and togetherness of family. I hope we can share that love again very soon not only because of a passing but more so in remembrance and celebration of those watching over us as well as us taking care of each other right here on earth... My uncle Bubba said to me, "we gonna make it.. we gonna get thru this.." and I believe we will, though our hearts will forever wish, want and miss those that have passed on... most notably, Natalie(my cousin), Alzata(my grandmother), and now my mom, Gloria.

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Changed One said...

I have been waiting for your return. I wanted to know how you were doing. I know it has been extremely difficult for you this past week, but in your weakness, He is made strong. Through your trials, someone is being encouraged. Stay focused and continue to bless the world with your talents.

-From someone who met you years ago and has never forgotten you.