Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Memories Unexpectedly

I'm in the beginning stages of going thru some of my mother's things. It's not a task I've looked forward to but at the same time it's necessary and to a certain degree, very interesting/fulfilling... Once again it feels like going back in time. It also feels like discovery and surprise. I'm amazed at all the stuff my mother held on to for a lot of years. One moment I'm finding in one folder, my birth certificate, her birth certificate, her marriage license, divorce papers, an unused passport that she'd planned to use when my father promised to take her out of the country. I found old collectible magazines and more family pictures that I hadn't seen before. She hadn't placed them in one of her many photo albums. I laughed when I saw an old ticket stub from 1985. It was for Prince and the Revolution performing at the Fabulous Forum in Inglewood. That was the infamous Purple Rain Tour.

I found a ton of pens and old unused greeting cards for every occasion that might come in handy. My mother collected some things and I can remember a long long time ago tell her how cool it would've been if she'd collected things as a kid or if her parents and grand parents collected things that she could bring forth into the present and pass them on. She agreed though she didn't do that before but she quickly changed that habit. Her favorite things to collect were the magazines, stamps, and anything else she could organize into some cool folder with tabs. I'm sure I'll discover more as time goes on but for now I'm just grateful for the time and the memories...

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Shelia said...

I know it must have been hard to go through your mom stuff. I can imagine the smiles as you found things--I'm amazed that we look at our parents as parents--but they are in fact real people :)