Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gloria Ann Rivers: Part Two

I can remember ten years ago seeing my mother on the couch, holding a picture of my father in her hands. I knew the reason without her saying anything. He'd passed on at the young age of 57 and in between that moment and today, time has flown by with various ups and downs, good moments, highs and lows; life lessons one after the other. Now here I am with my turn to hold the picture on what feels like a Black Tuesday; the day of my mother's memorial service.

I'd been feeling like a whole was placed inside my body the last week. I wasn't sure what to do or where to go. All I could hear were words of concern and talk about being strong. Those words mostly came from me and from voices that I hear from time to time in my head. I could also hear my mother and see her face; sometimes a smile and other times a smirk as she loved to do. She was a strong minded opinionated woman with a very large soft side too... I'm gonna miss every ounce of her personality but I know somehow I'll feel her spirit, her concern, her love for she was forever and always doing just that; being concerned and giving her love...

Now, though I started this day feeling like it would be Black Tuesday, thanks to my family, Tamer, Charles, Bubba, Mildred, Johnnie(her voice reminds me of Texas and all my ancestors), Vaughn, Dee Dee, Chris, my uncle/brother Richard, Sylvia, beautiful Lorna, David Jackson and Tyrone Griffin(two heros of mine) and a whole lot of friends and other family, this day was beautiful and the memorial, truly special... I'm so grateful for the service given by special friend, Rev. Daryl Street and family member Rev. A.K. Brown. It was a beautiful occasion and one that I believe my mother would be surprised and very proud of. I don't believe she imagined many would come but the turnout was tremendous and I'm forever grateful to all that came. My mother is at peace and now she can be peacefully proud.

I'm also forever grateful to my auntie Tamer for all that she did and has done for my mother even long before this cancer came into our lives. My mother has always been proud and always excited about the special bond and special moments that the two have shared together. Tamer Ruth Moorings, my mother's special and beautiful sister. She did my mom proud and truly took care of her until their mom(Alzata Moorings) came and showed her the way to heaven... God Bless...

Thanks to all Texas family that visit this blog; College Station, Mt. Pleasant, Houston, Dangerfield, Bryan, Longview, Gladewater, Dallas, etc. Hope you know that Gloria Ann Rivers was a very proud Texan and I carry on that part of her spirit with pride... Today for the memorial service, I played a different version of the video tribute to my mother. Hope you enjoy and also visit the previous posts, saluting my mommy... Love forever and always... son.. V. Anthony Rivers III

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