Thursday, June 01, 2006


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"Sweet memories take me back to you..."

There's a magnetic force out there that can sometimes return you to the exact same spot where you once found happiness. I could very easily close my eyes, imagine and return there but it wouldn't feel the same. It's a trip that gets me every time... That unspeakable magic when no matter how long its been, no time in between could ever dampen what you feel. Your heart is like a fortress, camouflaged by the world's most beautiful flowers. Each one representing her; the real true rationale for your smile. For her happiness, sacrifice is a blessing. Her laughter is necessary. I was never once blinded by the obvious, her movement so mesmerizing... It was her touch, her conversation and when I held her still in my arms, I'd wish for the minutes to change to hours as the silent rhythm boasts the declaration, it's ALWAYS nice seeing you and the next time? As God is a witness to everything going down on this time will mean the world to me, too...

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