Friday, June 02, 2006


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What's up to Bloopty Bloop! I stole these question from her blog( and couldn't resist putting myself to the test... Always interesting to put your thought process to someone else's inquiry of the mind, if you will... Here it goes..

1. If you could be doing what you really want to be doing for a living, what would it be?
I've answered this question before and my dream thang still remains a photojournalist. Just let me have my Canon Rebel Digital and a cool Sony Vaio laptop and its on! I would love to hop in the ride and travel from coast to coast snapping shots, learning and telling stories about the experience along the way.. That would be amazing... Second dream job would be to write for television and/or movies..

2. If you could slap the shit out of any famous person, alive or dead, who would it be?
hard to think of anyone famous that I would want to slap because I dont really trip off of so-called celebrities too much. My blogging friend Bloopty Bloop mentioned the President in her responses so I'll just add to that by saying Dick Cheney because he seems like someone who has needed to be slapped but no one ever did and that's why he grew up to be the in denial, power hungry, constantly lying to cover up his dirt, asshole that he is today...

3. What's the dumbest decision you've made in the past 5 years?
Taking an ex with me on a trip a couple years ago though actually it wasn't dumb because it revealed to me that her decision to kick me to the curb two years prior to that was better than somebody stuffing a million dollars in my pocket! Life has been filled with blessings ever since.... So, it was dumb that I spent the money on the trip but that dumb decision had a positive result...

4. Give up one for a year: (good) sex or (good) music.
I'm probably in the minority but I would actually give up the "good sex." The music I listen to is like the soundtrack for my life. I've been blessed to hear some incredible stuff and have a connection through my father to various musical eras that still blow me away from the late 60's up to the present... I frown at anyone who puts down today's music in an effort to elevate what they listened to in the past... I'm here to tell you, you can fit it all in your musical listening pallette... Every generation and musical era has whack stuff as well as the incredible stuff..

Giving up sex for a year is actually very easy for me to do... I'm a man who can make a hug feel like the most incredible lovemaking experience you ever been a part of in your life... The actual sex is like an extended remix with a super funky beat! Ahhh haa!

5. Dudes, would you rather have a big dick or a great sense of humor?Ladies, nice tits & azz or common sense?
Ummm...that one is a toss First I'd investigate as to whether or not those tube things make your ish bigger and longer.. And if they do? Then this question is a no brainer.. I'll go for the sense of humor and then buy one of those enlarger thangs and make my stuff looooong and big! Ha!

6. So you've been invited to an all expense paid Blogger Prom in The Bahamas. You're sitting at the bar on the beach. Which blogger do you want to join you for hours of good convo?
I'd have to give the nod to the young lady that does the Young, Black and Fabulous blog because I think she'd have me laughing so hard that I'd be making funny noises.

7. Which blogger would you most like to cuddle with on the beach?
I'd have to give the nod to Bloopty Bloop since I stole these questions from her and because she seems like she'd be a lot of fun to cuddle with...

8. You're going on a 5 hour road trip...which 5 CDs do you bring?
1. Sign O' The Times- Prince
2. The Dogg Pound's first CD
3. Tennessee Slim Is The Bomb- Joi
4. A whole bunch of downloaded itunes songs mixed with 70's music and neosoul from today.
5. A podcast from my favorite,

9. Would you rather bury your children young or have your children bury you young?
I'm not blessed with any children but I'd rather have them bury me young. And before I'd go? I'd make an impact on them that will keep my spirit alive within them for the rest of their lives, similar to how my grandfather did with me... It aint the amount of years, it's all about what you do with each second, each minute, each day..........
10. What's your biggest insecurity?
Ummm.... I dunno... *smile*

11.What's the first blog you read every day...or however often you read them?
Bloopty Bloop, Slish, Young Black & Fabulous...

12. When's the last time you peed your pants?
Can't really remember because its been a while and me being a man, I just whip it out and take a leak pretty much anywhere and everywhere... ahhhh haaa!

13. Which was better, your first kiss or your first pay check?
First paycheck because my first kiss felt nasty! Well, I will say this.. My first REAL kiss with all that tongue business was nasty but when I was a little boy I had a kiss from a little girl and that was real quick, no big deal.. But later on when I had to kiss somebody for real, I hated it. I went home, drank a gallon of grape koolaid, brushed my teeth, ate a couple of chilli dogs, drank another gallon of koolaid and then tried to forget about the kiss... Nothing worked but I wore out the carpet walking back and forth to the bathroom all night... Ahhhh haaa!

14. Do you have kids? Want kids?
Would love to have kids but wont be disappointed if I dont... Always dreamed of having a daughter. I think I'd be an amazing dad to some young lady.. That's sort of the main inspiration for my first book, Daughter By Spirit. I wanted to do a story where a woman would raise her daughter into believing that good men still do exist in this world and she used as the example her bestfriend(male). Of course when this young lady grew up and discovered that the man she thought was her father actually wasn't it devastated her but that concept of making an impact on someone's life to the point where they'd want their own to search for someone just like you? Whew... That's powerful and just imagine if you can actually be that kind of father to a young lady or even a young man.. Someone to look up to and be proud of...

15. You get dropped off at home after the office holiday party by your bitch azz boss that you can't effing exit the car and he peels out, runs a red light at your corner and rolls up on an unsuspecting midget. The next day the midget watch groups are on TV outraged at the heartless hit and run, and are calling for any witnesses to please come fwd...that half dead midget has a family at home waiting on C-mas presents. Would you take $1000 hush money? $500? $100? A six pack?Six pack of what, Corona Lights??
After I stop laughing at this question and try to decipher it, ummm.. I'd probably get rid of the boss..

16. Live the rest of your life without your eyebrows or your fingernails?
I'd say no fingernails so I wouldn't have to keep cutting them like I do... Men without eyebrows looks kind of strange...

17. What makes you angry?
People who stare without saying anything.. Women who look away or go out of their way to prevent you from saying hello to them in passing.. The mean spirited-ness you find in and around LA. Black people who dont recognize the beauty and strength of supporting and loving each other.. Take away the macho shield, the jealousy, and uplift each other with a simple but sincere greeting...

18. What makes you horny?
Long embraces mixed with beautiful conversation...

19. What makes you nervous?

20. What makes you smile?
A woman with a cool ass walk and confidence to match...


Blah Blah Blah said... have me blushing. Since I picked you and you picked me.....maybe we should make that happen.

I wrote a post about my daddy for Mother's should check it out. Same topic as your would be book.

da hell is going on with blogger comments today!!!?

noagenosexnocity said...

I don't think enlargers work otherwise there'd be no such thing as little dicks.

If you had a little one and thought for an instant that you could make it bigger, safely, you'd spend your last dollar to get it, rent be damned!!

B.E.G said...

Great list...we (the other birds) might just have to steal it.

Also, I just purchased your book and can't wait to read it!