Monday, June 12, 2006


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Thursday of last week I woke up anxious and excited. I hadn't traveled in quite a while. Over six months since going somewhere out of state is a long time for me and I was truly missing being on the road. This time I had a special reason and mission to accomplish. I had to get a headstone for my grandmother; something that was long overdue. I took my mother along with me on this journey. I wanted to show her this special place that I go to whenever I head south. I mention it often as my special piece of heaven on earth called Natchitoches, Louisiana. Not only is the town really cool but a few miles away in what is known as the Cane River Plantation area you will find some of the most beautiful country and people who never hesitate to wave hello as you pass them by on the country road. It's a far cry from my day to day life in and around LA(Los Angeles) where hands typically raise up with that middle social finger in full view for you to ponder. I also got a chance to introduce my mother to the delicious delicacy known as a meat pie at the infamous Lasyone's restaurant. You haven't lived until you ate their meat pie. If you try one at the local gas stations that also sell them, you'll be extremely disappointed but if you go to Lasyone's? Whew.... you'll want to come back sooner than later just for the meat pies alone...

It was a great trip, riding through parts of east Texas where my family is from, purchasing the headstone for my grandmother in Mt. Pleasant, Texas and eventually making my way to Natchitoches as the entire time I was able to show my mother the beauty of life in the country. I could tell she enjoyed herself completely. She even got a thrill out of the cool music they were playing on the radio as we traveled the backroads between Jefferson and Mt. Pleasant, Texas. There's a station broadcasting from Texarkana that plays the blues everyday from noon until 2pm. They were playing a lot of BB King songs, a song by someone who sang "I've got three women in my life. My mama, the other woman and my wife..." and a song called Willie Mae Don't Play. All the songs seemed to be about relationships from one extreme to the other but it was all good... Now I'm back home in the city of extremes where peace can be a struggle and fun can blind you but its home so let the craziness begin. *smile*

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Sexkitten said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. I happen to love trips like those. There's something about country life that's good for the soul.