Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I would do everything and not say a word... Not feel the disappointment when time flies and no acknowledgement graces my path... Not allow the scent of your presence to affect the way I feel... The motivation that lingers between missing you, wanting you and being inspired to do something for you...just because... I would become faceless and detached for you so that my presence wouldn't put your comfort level at risk... I would do this and yet magically find a way to keep you smiling.. Speak less romantically and yet still have you feeling the energy... Cultivate the passion and yet still be less threatening... Motivate you and yet still keep my distance...Turn you on and yet Nah, that wouldn't be me... I need to breathe, smile, have fabulous days and feel wanted... feel appreciated... feel... too. Exhaustion should not be the reward for giving... for being true...for being everything you dream of someone being to you...

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Jackie Moore said...

I think both sides magnificently expressed the aprehension that both men and women feel when it comes to dating or becoming involved.

I would love to see a part two to both sides of the story