Sunday, November 20, 2005

From The Chronicles Of Being Anthony

I was doing some latenight shopping as I typically do at Ralph's. I love having the store for the most part to myself with the exception of maybe ten other folks and fellas stocking the shelves.. I didn't need much; just some yogurt, tea, a few vegetables, some kitchen cleaning stuff and some Downey. Speaking of which, I forgot to buy some Tide..*smile*

As I was standing in line, one of two that were open, I couldn't help but enjoy the choice that I'd made with respect to where I would stand. One line had this guy scratching his head and acting really fidgety. The other line had a beautiful Mari Morrow looking sistah in it. she's the lady from Bill Bellamy's How To Be A Playa movie. I approached slowly and non-chalantly carrying my items. After about two seconds she could sense someone standing behind her. She turned and caught a glimpse of me from the side of her eye as I was reaching for some Eclipse gum. I figured the look she'd give me was all I'd get. Ladies be protecting their space in LA with some serious mean muggin, which prevents them from recognizing a sincere brotha in their presence who would be content with just a split second hello and smile... I wasn't trying to get my flirt on but I did appreciate the view...

The lady caught me off guard as I was placing my items on the conveyor belt thing. She said hello. I greeted her back. She glanced me up and down. It didn't seem like a sexual glance so I knew what was coming next. The old height question was about to fall from her lips.

"You are so tall... How tall are you?" She asked.

Her eyes sparkled with enthusiasm. She raised herself up on the balls of her feet to see how high she came up to me.

"6'6" I answered although I wasn't enthusiastic. I answer that question probably no less than five times a day.

Her right eyebrow raised and then she smiled. She pulled her hair back behind her right ear and moved a little bit because she was up next to pay for her food. She didn't hear the guy ask her if she wanted paper or plastic. I guess her mind was too focused on asking me if I played basketball or not.

I teasingly said "there's no money in it..."

She laughed and I only hinted at a smile. The guy asked her again if she wanted paper or plastic and the cashier person told her how much her stuff cost. She almost didn't know what to do with herself trying to focus on voices coming in three directions. I gave her a button that shows the cover of my book coming out.

"Oh wow, an author?"


"Beautiful girl on your cover. Very nice button..."


"I'll have to check you out, huh?"

"You should..."

My turn was next to pay for my stuff and the lady had started toward the exit. The grocery clerk fellas were looking at me as though I'd made a hook up. I was busy looking for the price of my stuff.

"You have a club card?" The cashier asked.

I punched in my phone number and finally got the total which looked pretty good. By the time I was grabing my bags of groceries, the lady had exited the front door. I soon followed in the same direction but not searching for her. Two seconds later I heard a whispering sound. It was that lady again. She pointed at me.

She said "I'ma get your book, boy and it better be good!"

We laughed and then we went our separate ways...

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