Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A Father Moment

VRII Posted by Picasa

Over the weekend I had one of those moments where when you least expect it you suddenly smell a familiar scent. I was in the bathroom and ummm...nah, don't start teasing a brotha! Ha! I was trimming the mustache and everythang when I could suddenly smell my father's scent and then I was hit with all sorts of memories and reminiscing... When he passed away it was a bad time.. I had to go through some serious trials and tribulations dealing with folks outside the family who felt like I should get nothing that belonged to my father. It was a trip but I had the protection of my mother who did all she could to help me salvage what was rightfully mine... That whole episode could fill a book or two...

Anyway, after the scent hit me and stuck around for about two minutes, I looked for some photos that I had in my bedroom... I never really checked out these photos too much before. I would only glance at them on occasion after my father passed about seven years ago. I looked this time and noticed so many amazing things. My father did some serious traveling.. We have that in common with respect to loving the highway and taking it to the south and beyond. Thing is, my father traveled abroad too. He went all over the world and in these hundreds of pictures that I have of his you can see some real cool images. I blended a few in the picture above as a tribute to what he'd seen. I miss his eyes, his smile, his laughter, his voice "whatcha know good kid!" He'd always say to me. I miss the days of riding in his Cadillac Seville with the wire chrome wheels that everybody used to go crazy over. He was flossing in his own sort of non-chalant way, just like I do today... Ha! I guess I got that from him except on occasion I turn it up a notch with a little more bling! *smile* Right now I just wish to return his greeting and say "whatcha know good Dad!" Thanks for the visit... Love alwayz.. VARIII

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