Sunday, August 14, 2005

Four Brothers on a Saturday Night

Four Brothers Posted by Picasa

Tonight I went to go checkout the Four Brother's movie and it was very good!! I loved the chemistry between all four of these fellas.. It was a breath of fresh air to see this up on the screen. The action was real cool too and just the emotions that you could feel was right on point. I loved it.. And, it was nice to hear some of that old Motown music in the background too. I enjoyed that...

The movie was a nice escape for a couple hours and then I returned to the realness of reality as I drove to the store 'cause I was out of BBQ sauce! Ha ha... I lasted two weeks without it; shaking my head everytime I noticed I had none in my cabinet. That is so un-like me! I'm good now... Shoot, I was even blessed with an ego inspired moment when an SUV full of ladies pulled up beside me, screamed, waved, honked the horn and told me I was fine! Damn, that was nice! I continued on my way because my main focus was getting myself to the store and coming home to get some sleep... Got work in the morning and looking forward to next week because for some reason, I'm feeling like it's gonna be real good to me... The week that is...*smile*

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Liza Valentino said...

I'm gonna trust this review and go see it. I've stayed away from it just because of the whole two black/two white guys thing....but we shall see.