Sunday, December 12, 2004

On The Bus...

Imagination blessing my mind all times... Posted by Hello

I was riding the bus the other day. I brought my journal, thinking I could capture some thoughts while traveling from one end of the city to the other. Actually, my flow was on point for most of the ride until I felt the presence of someone looking over my shoulder. I caught a glimpse of her from the corner of my eye. I saw her reflection in the window to my right. I froze up. I wasn't sure if I should turnaround. She seemed so close; almost as if she were smelling my hair. She was that close. I tried to keep my mind on what I was writing. My hand got a little nervous. It started to shake a little bit so I tried to play it off by acting like my thoughts were really too deep to write and think simultaneously. I needed to imagine it all the way through before I put pen to paper. Then a breeze lifted the scent of this lady behind me into the air, brushing it right past my nose. For a split second I had to close my eyes. I wanted to commit her scent to memory. It was sort of like smelling fresh flowers and the ocean at the same time. I memorized it and before I knew it, my mind had wandered and I could see myself and this young lady on a tropical island somewhere. She'd be coming towards me with her stretched out arms and smile just as wide. She'd say my name and make it no secret that deep inside those arms was my first taste of forever. Perhaps she'd make me feel like it was something I couldn't do without. Something that I wouldn't have to question and become cautious because of past situations. She already seemed like a better alternative than before and so much better than now. Or should I say, my real existence and not this unconsciousness that I find myself floating so deeply inside giving me a sensation similar to a wet Angela Bassett kiss or a slow grind against Sanaa Lathan's shapely behind. Oops! My mind getting away from me, I know... Ha Ha!

When I shook out of my daydream, the scent that I'd drfted away on was gone and the reflection in the window had disappeared. I looked around and new faces had surrounded me. The lady was gone and the blank stares just flatlined my imagination... But I still got me and I can still visualize somewhere beyond the wall that's become my comfort zone that love and consciousness can embrace each other like something I used to do on the regular when I had......somebody!

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