Sunday, August 15, 2004

Shade's House

Shade House Posted by Hello

Not too long ago, I'd learned about this man named Shade. He lived during the early 1900's. He was somehow related to my great great grandmother, Moriah. Something about this man just stuck in my mind. Probably the whole mystery around his name had made me more curious. I asked about him and most didn't know. I did more research and found the general area that he lived in. It was as if his spirit was contacting me and maybe smiling at my efforts to find him because little by little I'd find the trail leading to who he might've been.

I searched around Green Street; a road that lies in an area between Mt. Pleasant and Daingerfield, Texas. I found someone who described Shade as a tall, very darkskinned man who kept to himself. I filed the description in my mind and continued on. Somebody told me his house was not too far away if I just continued down the road on back into the woods. I did just that and I could feel something. I could sense I was close. Then all of a sudden, I'd seen this house with a tall, very darkskinned man standing on the porch. His truck was parked in front of the porch so I couldn't see him very well but I could see enough to know he was there. It wasn't Shade but I would learn later that it was the house that he once lived in. I'm still searching for more about this man so I can place his spirit inside of a story that I'm working on. Shade Rivers...

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