Thursday, August 05, 2004

Midnight Magic Hour!

Midnight seems to awaken my spirit... I often wonder why when the stroke of midnight occurs, something inside of me boosts the level of energy to where I feel no struggle, no pain; just energy, creativity, and drive. My body and mind feels high like a feeling beyond any type of second wind concept. It's a situation that I try to move beyond the unexplainable.

It happens like clockwork, most times. I get a little sleepy around 11pm, imagine and/or fight off the urge to get a giant cup of coffee with cream and four bags of Equal. My movements become a little bit slower. I catch myself drifting. Take deep breaths and wonder if I'll make it. I warn myself not to fall asleep as if to say "do it and you'll have hell to pay!" I laugh off my threats to myself and continue on. Then when the clock begins to inch closer toward midnight, an awakening feeling occurs. My movements become more swift and my energy level becomes the equivalent of being inspired. I'm ready to take on anything. Work harder. Love harder. Write with an overload of imagination. Drive faster. Listen closer. Step outside and watch the sky. And from midnight to about 5am, this is how I feel... Shoot, lastnight I was trying on clothes at 4:30am, being all vain and having a little fun. A grown man playing dress up in front of the mirror... I looked good. Found a few combinations that work. Most importantly, I felt good and then about thirty-five minutes later, I was knocked out, sleep...

Midnight Magic Hour! I'm about to do it all over again tonight!

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