Tuesday, August 10, 2004

In times of worry, don't forget who you are.....or were

Alzata Moorings Posted by Hello

I remember when this woman use to strut! She'd move about with so much sass. She'd laugh and hold her head high. She's lived a full life with many ups and downs, but mostly ups because she'd never let much get her down. She knew how to brush stuff off with pride. Let it fall to the floor and glide....away... She could go from being elegant to throwing a fishing hook in the water trying to catch her a "covina!" I ain't so sure if that's how you spell it but I can remember her always talking about that fish. She could do it all...

She's blessed with the love of a big familiy. She's celebrated with pride filled smiles, love and laughter yet now she worries. She surrounds her heart with thoughts about today. Life has placed an obstacle that's tough to get around. Tough to find an answer though she looks in the right place... But even during this time, if she can remember her journey and share what she's seen, no obstacle will matter. It's only LIFE she should see and be proud of... FAITH... Love you grandma aka the lady we all call "Mother."

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