Friday, April 08, 2011

Last Sunday...

Time is so unforgiving because it flies by without giving you much time to reflect or to absorb and observe each moment to the fullest. Seems like the days, nights; the hours and minutes zip by a lot faster than many years ago when it felt like days would last forever. They say it’s because when you’re older, that comes with the territory; time flying by. I used to agree with that but several times I’ve even heard some that fall under the category of being “young,” curse the days because they went by so fast.

“School again! What happened to the weekend; dang!”

This is why I try not to do as we all have done; fall into that groove of taking each day for granted. Do I ever take it for granted? “Sometimes” is the answer as everyone is guilty, including me. It’s another reason why I try to appreciate each moment with love and to feel so grateful when she spoils the heck out of me; which she does constantly. And this past trip we took to her home in the Philippines, though we didn’t do a lot of “exciting things” nevertheless it was beautiful and wonderful. It was like a pre-cursor to being retired together and not having a care in the world, which was almost the case due to some drama from a swindler (first initial ‘D’”) and some land issues and some umm, spirits visiting, but that’s a long still in development story. *smile* The bulk of our time there was fabulous.

Anyway, my main reason for writing this was/is to pay tribute and respect to not only the passing of a wonderful lady but also the beauty of a tradition that I believe should be practiced by everyone. I’m speaking of the tradition of celebrating the 40th day after the passing of a loved one. It gives you a chance not only to pray for their soul but to also gather and keep strong, the bond between family. That’s a moment that should never go un-appreciated. This past Sunday was the day for such a celebration in memory of Emiliana Perez; the grandmother of my love. I looked forward to it because I knew it would be plenty of smiles, laughter, great food and just an overall special time. I enjoy even just the voices that I hear. They remind me so much of the voices I'd hear from my Texas family on my father's side back in the day. The similarities are interesting. I could visualize not only stories from what I hear but great memories; both in the past and in the making... I also enjoy the handshakes; seeing my hero Julius *smile* and gazing at my love and the closeness she shares with her two sisters. Their bond makes you smile and their laughter is contagious. And, not to mention, their beautiful mom continuing on in the tradition of Emiliana. Truly a great family. 40 days, I can’t believe have already gone by! Just like with my mom, I can't believe the time since her passing so much that I hate counting just how long its been...

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