Wednesday, February 09, 2011


As Valentines Day approaches, I'd like to make mention of my grandfather, who remains an inspiration to me after so many years and even decades since his death. I continue to think about him and perhaps feel his presence. I even remember his voice not only during the good times when he'd smile and take me around the small town of Mt. Pleasant Texas but also the time when my parents snuck me into the intensive care area of the hospital to see him one last time. He was curled up in bed and in a lot of pain due to stomach cancer. He said my name as I walked in the room and his voice stuck with me ever since. From that moment, I never forgot the love, just as I've never forgotten the inspiration and dream set forth by his love for my grandmother. I've always prayed, wished, hoped for the same sort of love that I knew would be possible if I could be placed in that moment to where I stood face to face with a special someone who could give and receive the same sort of love that I believe could exist between two people. I've seen it in action thanks to my grandparents. Passionate, respectful, sweet, endearing, always caring, prideful and true.... LOVE... Yes, I found that in someone who not only reminds me of my grandmother but also my mother. And it makes me feel the same sort of thing that I believe my grandfather felt when I'd see him in his favorite rocking chair, smiling with so much pride flowing from his heart and beginning from the deepest part of his soul... My grandfather was always in love until the very end and my guess, they're up there in heaven, celebrating Valentines Day all the time. Love always has the potential of being truly amazing. And when I think of my grandfather, that's when I realize love IS amazing.. Happy Valentines Day to my grandparents and especially the love of my life.... it's a blessing that should never be taken for granted..

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