Friday, April 22, 2011

Back again for more...

"When there's never enough time, you always look forward."

There's an old saying that I hear from time to time when I least expect a moment of reminiscing and that is "if only they could see me now" or something to that effect. Usually when I hear that in my mind, I'm thinking about my mom. So many times I wish she were here to be a part of what has become so special in my life. I can recall many moments when she wished she could see and experience what it would be like to visit other countries. It didn't matter which one, though she did have at the top of her list, Great Britain, France, maybe China but if she were still around, she would've experienced the beautiful times I've had now in the Philippines. She would've gotten spoiled and amazed by her discovery and probably asked my love if she could simply stay in her house by the beach and do absolutely nothing. Out there she might miss her TV shows and especially her sports but she'd love the scenery and those delicious sausages every morning aka Longaniza.

Anyway, I say all that to say that recently I returned to the Philippines for my second visit. It was just as wonderful as the first time around. It felt again like home though this time my love and I just stuck around the home province rather than venturing off to other places like Boracay, Tagaytay, etc. This time it felt as if we were practicing being retired and in between all of that practicing was adventure, drama, baptism, lots of love, me sort of getting sick and gorgeous mornings followed by beautiful sunset filled evenings. Wow... watching a sunset every single evening never gets old. It was better than TV. And the highlight for me was the same as the first time around; the people. The kindness and endless smiles... This time, many of those smiles came from young children, especially those close by to my love's house. A stroll down the beach will find you in the middle of some wonderful people and the sweetest children who laugh, smile and wave at the mere sight of someone seemingly different from them. That someone being me. I had the greatest time just walking in the area, which was something that I wanted to do more so than anything on my return visit. I'm hoping for more of the same the next time we go. Again, I wish my mom could've been there. True, she's always with me in spirit but what an incredible time it would've been to hear her famous words of expression when she'd witness so much kindness from those that are seeing you for the very first time. She'd say "goodness!" and then she'd laugh in amazement.

I love the pride I see in the Philippines amongst everyone. I pray they never lose it or become jaded or take for granted that feeling which keeps them so positive despite the obvious poverty or lack of the so-called finer things. There was a lot of pride in the U.S. back in the day; a lot of smiles too. Now, you see anger, arrogance, a lack of caring, which sometimes gets the most attention. The spotlight loves that sort of thing in a strange way but nevertheless, it feels amazing when you come across pure goodness no matter what country you're in. And when it comes to the Philippines, I would say 95% of the time it's that kind of good feeling, at least so far... *smile* No doubt they have issues as we all have. As I said, there was drama on our trip; the kind that's controlled by man's inability to see what he has or to recognize the importance of time that goes away in a heartbeat. And many times, that drama got in the way; our way.

Pangasinan is such a great province to be in. I love the small towns and cities. To me, everything is there. All you could ever need with respect to food, fun and scenery. I'm amazed by all the various town fiestas that happen throughout the year and if you dont mind being out in the crowds, the heat and everything else then every day would be a party in those places like Mangaldan, Dagupan City, etc. I was hoping to find a really good spot where we could sit and do some people watching but we didn't discover that just yet. Next time, perhaps but it was still great.I could go on forever as the discovery continues even for me in memory. I think and imagine the times that my love and I have shared in her home country, including my very special baptism, which was something that my mother wished for and wanted to see even just before she passed away. She told me during those final days that it was her only regret. Looking forward to my next visit and the one of a kind special moment that will become the highlight.... Last year around this time we were in the final days of our vacation in the Philippines. Time is so fast but in memory, it lasts forever!

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Patricia D said...

Hi Annthony. Just checking in. It's been a while. I am glad that you have found happiness.

All the best.