Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another anniversary..

Time is like a double edged sword. It flies by and leaves behind moments of loss yet at the same time when it's good, it serves as foundation for something really special like the love I share with someone that gets more and more incredible because it's so real and so right... Anyway, last October 3rd marked the 12th year anniversary of my father's passing. It's mindblowing how much time has passed and how the so-called life journey has unfolded since then. And as I get older and relive memories in my mind, they become much more powerful as if I were stepping back in time. It's a weird feeling now to the point where I have to physically shake myself to snap out of the memory. Maybe that's how it is when you get older. And as another anniversary passes, I'm thinking I no longer have to say rest in peace to my father but rather, continue in peace and I hope all is wonderful where you are...

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