Saturday, October 30, 2010

Leftcoast Sanity

I hungout on a Saturday morning checking out the "Rally For Sanity" put on by John Stewart. Or, I should say, a smaller version of it held in Los Angeles. It was okay... I'm not sure if it inspires sanity but hopefully the overall effect of it inspires folks to go to the polls and vote intelligently. The event here in LA looked like there was maybe a little over 100 folks in MacArthur Park; all watching a slightly large projection screen that broadcasted the actual rally held in Washington DC today. It looked like a pretty amazing event to experience live in person. I've always wondered what it would be like to stand in the Washington mall and witness a sea of people as far as the eye can see. I heard a report stating that this event today was "this generation's Woodstock." Yikes! *smile* Respectfully, I dont think so. A major event. A pretty cool idea, but a couple hours can no way equate to 3 days of a life changing, true representation of the culture during that time. This event will fade away. Woodstock; we will forever continue to watch the movie and be amazed by what went down... Still, I think John Stewart has something to be proud about. I wish the turnout in LA was larger and with a greater representation from all that make up this huge city but nevertheless, it was cool... Now, time to vote...

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