Saturday, January 23, 2010

So much expectation...

In this grand expectation of change, it seems as though folks have already forgotten the moment when it felt like this entire country was one.. Everyone was proud of our newly elected son. It didn't matter the reflection though the achievement was definitely noted in the pages and hearts of history and our-story.. But it seems now, everything matters... He didn't fix the economy, he didn't create more jobs, he didn't get healthcare for all, he hasn't won the war on terrorism, he hasn't killed Bin laden, he hasn't fulfilled all of his campaign promises and we've got CNN, Fox News and all the fact-check-he-said-she-said websites to prove it... It don't matter that it's only been one year into his Presidency. He was supposed to change the entire world and make everyone of all race, color, creed, nationality and situation super rich, happy and healthy during his first six months! Right now, we're all supposed to be just chillin.. taking it easy and watching the NFL playoffs on our 100 inch TV screens... But nooooooooooooooo... and why not!?! It's HIS fault!! I'm sounding ridiculous on purpose because that's how a lot of people are sounding these days to me... I saw an interview with some ladies in Massachusetts who justified their changing vote from Democrat to Republican by saying that their former party and especially the President are very arrogant. I dont get the whole premise and definition of arrogance as it relates to the President. Seems like Bush was fairly arrogant himself. He had a swagger constantly and enjoyed it. But Obama? Is he supposed to keep his head down and speak softly? If he did then seconds later, they'll be saying he's not tough enough which they always say as well... Personally, I wish he would show more arrogance and toughness though that would probably threaten some folks a little too much. I think he's always gonna have it rough in the White House and any little inch of progress he can achieve will be the equivalent of winning a world war over and over and over again... I can't remember any President being watched and scrutinized so closely as this one. He (Obama)basically put the excitement back into Politics in recent years. It's that excitement that from what I remember even got Jay Leno to want to have that prime time show so he could do political humor. It's that excitement that generated more interest in folks watching CNN, MSNBC, etc etc... It's that excitement that probably caused more reporters, writers, camera people and others to have work on the various networks, cable channels, internet news/video channels, etc etc... All this excitement that kinda sorta went away in one aspect.. Now they aim and poke in a different direction... Why haven't you fixed this nation and the world, Mister Obama!?!?! Aaaaaarrrrrgggghhhh!!! It takes a WHOLE LOT OF TIME to undo and bring it all back to where we once were... And now that the Supreme Court decided to do something supremely silly, the cards are truly stacked against Obama and anyone else hoping to do good for the people, now, today, and generations to come... corporate greed I imagine is about to get another huge dose of adrenaline..

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