Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Rain The Rain..

We're supposed to dread times like these but I was personally loving the rain... all that wonderful water overflowing from the sky and causing folks to act like fools, driving super fast on the wet roads... I didn't love that part but I did get a kick out of so much rain... Hearing the water outside is a great sound to kick back and fall asleep to. And as they always say, we needed all this water because there has been a shortage to the point where we cant have the sprinklers on during certain periods and no more than five minutes, etc etc.. The rain helped all of that and made for a bunch of beautiful green front lawns all down the street. Unfortunately there's a lot of potholes out there caused by so much water but we survived it.. Rain aint nothing compared to what other folks in another part of this world have had to deal with.. Now, they're predicting a few days of glorious California sunshine and we can go back to being spoiled... Ha!

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