Thursday, January 14, 2010

RIP Teddy Pendergrass

Rest in peace and much love and respect for Teddy Pendergrass... wow.. he was such a big part of my life through his music, which I heard so so much thanks to my mother. She wore out his records. I still have the LP's/Vinyl in boxes in the garage. Memories! At times, I would say to myself "not again" as my mother would spin the same song over and over. There were times when she would be playing that song "And If I had" and she would turn it up louder each time. I knew she was feeling down; thinking about my father and feeling heartbroken. I'd peek down the hallway and see a half full glass of wine on the coffee table. Her foot would move slowly to the beat. I'd try to listen closely, not so much to the music but for tears that she might be releasing.. My mother never experienced Teddy live except for a video that I bought her but I was able to see him perform in concert at the Houston Summit arena with my father. As I look back now, I cant believe all the now legends of music that I basically witnessed in that arena but that's another story... I was still in Junior Highschool when I saw this concert and besides seeing and hearing so many women screaming so loud as if they were either losing their minds or having an orgasm, I remember so vividly two men getting into an argument in the next row and immediately throwing punches. Neither was able to connect with each other because they were large men wearing very tight suits with large lapels. One fell over the seats and the other perhaps slipped because of all the soda or beer that was on the ground beneath. When it was all over, the women accompanying those two men helped them up, sat them down and told them how foolish they were. Both just sat there with lips poked out like little kids for the rest of the concert while the women continued to dance, party, and be blown away by the incredible passionate voice of Mr. Teddy Pendergrass. He was in his serious prime around that time. He lit up the arena with his smile and shook the building with his performance. And of course during the slow jams, he brought intimacy to a whole new level all the while building the song and the moment to a climax... I actually saw him again perhaps that same year or the year after; I cant remember exactly but that performance was in a smaller arena with a round stage. Again the performance was passionate and powerful but a little more intimate and personal. He showed off his more playful, one to one side... his sense of humor.. his powerful control over the gift that was his voice... his soul.. He was on fire back then. I was blessed to be able to see it for myself like I definitely grew up at the right time... Rest In Peace & Love.. Teddy Pendergrass.

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Shelia said...

I remember my aunts and uncles listening to Teddy P so when I grew up, I could appreciate his music. You can't have a slow jam CD without a Teddy song on it.