Friday, October 17, 2008

Imagine His Shoulders

Imagine his shoulders.. the weight of the world, carrying "HOPE" everywhere he goes. His schedule is beyond hectic. I wonder if at times the faces all become a blur, the hands coming from nowhere to touch his. He's received the blessing, honor and privilege of becoming a beacon of light for so many and a symbol of pride for not only those that look up to him now but those that watch over him, smiling down in amazement, whispering the mantra "we've come a long way..." He's on the verge of carrying that mantra into the uncertain but still very hopeful future. And looking at this picture, it shows that beyond the greatness and achievement of something once imagined impossible; as a man, as one soul walking this earth and living his journey, he still requires a moment to himself to collect his thoughts, to take a deep breath... I imagine the deep sigh and long train of thoughts that flow through his head like sitting at a light, waiting for a long train to pass by. And then when that moment is done, he has to stand and rise to the challenge because so many seek his leadership... HOPE rest squarely on his shoulders... Imagine the weight and watch how he carries it... it'll raise the level of your respect and even your pride...

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