Saturday, October 18, 2008

Great Escape

This year in 2008, my second greatest escape has been movies... I haven't seen a lot but I have seen a few and most of them have been my way of leaving the world and perhaps my own life behind for a couple hours. Hollywood should recognize that in rough times as these, some form of mental escape is very much needed. For me personally, a great movie/story works a lot better than drugs or drink (I've not indulged that route)and great stories watched on the big screen is a lot more enticing than the silliness they refer to as "reality TV." Inside the theatre, the lights go down, the movie comes on and while I watch, I can feel, imagine, think, experience... especially if the film tells a great story.. I found that in Spike Lee's Miracle At St. Anna a couple weeks ago and I also found that today in The Secret Lives Of Bees. This movie was an emotional escape for me... A great story. I loved all the characters... The young girl was very good. Narration thru the eyes and soul of a young girl works well. Reminds me of one of my favorite movies, Eve's Bayou. In Secret Lives Of Bees, I loved the strength and grace of Queen Latifah. Alicia Keys played her part very well as if the attitude her character possessed came very easy for her... However, my favorite character was played by Sophie Okonedo or as she was known in the film, May Boatwright. May feels very deeply. Everything hits her hard, be it joy or pain, perhaps a little too much.. When she first came on the screen and became so emotional, I laughed as did many in the theatre. I think we all judged her immediately as strange. But then as the story continues you begin to understand her, thus her ability to feel so deeply touches your own heart and makes you think about life's loves, joys, and pain... Of course as always, I love the southern backdrop of yester-years gone by and wish most times that I lived back then despite all that went on... I'm sure I'd be fine without the computer, HDTV, cell phones, and all the other things we worship daily. It reminded me of the times I've parked my car and walked down country roads in east Texas and Louisiana, thinking how faraway I feel from my so-called real life at home. I felt that while watching this film. I also felt a connection between what was happening on screen and that very special part of my life that I can say is my number one greatest escape these days... It's something that Queen Latifah aka August Boatwright spoke about often in the film... Love... being loved, feeling loved.... I'm honored by someone who expresses it to me daily... The look, the smile...every part of me feels appreciated... but no ones world can ever be perfect... well, seems that way... I'm on a beautiful ship, constantly sailing in positive directions yet I still have to reach back on broken promises from another who cant seem to understand the value in simply being true... So my side keeps its thorn buried deep... A reminder or a curse; I'm not sure which but I keep fighting and hanging on or fighting to hang on as the frustration is both annoying and exhausting. So, in the midst of something so unnecessary, I cultivate that which I truly see inside of me... flowing... streams of hope, love, and dedication... I find strength and when I'm able to enjoy the gift of a great story, I find motivation and inspiration tucked inside what is always a great escape....

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