Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dr. Robert Klapper

This is a good hero of mine. I look up to this man and I'm amazed and fascinated by the passion in which he lives and even loves his life. He is as gifted as he is blessed with not only creative but scientific tools at his disposal inside his mind, heart, body and soul... Imagine, a gifted orthopedic surgeon, sculptor, husband, father, and a working on being gifted, surfer. Plus on top of all that goodness that would make an average man's head swell, Dr. Klapper is a very down to earth, sincere, personable man. I listen to his stories; his punch-lines always demonstrate his love of life. I wish there were more doctors like him just as I wish there were more truly good people, like him. My "regular" work is at a hospital and unfortunately, I've come across many a doctor that somewhere along their paths checked their human qualities, their compassion and common sense at the door. Some even in their first years of residency, succumb to huge egos and/or child-like behavior. When I see and listen to Dr. Klapper, he simply appears as a man who truly "gets it" about life and about actually living it in a way where you can look back on your journey with pride, smile real big and say "wow!"

I had the honor and privilege to watch a lecture today given by Dr. Klapper. It was like an art history/appreciation lecture combined with anatomy, expressed with passion and an appreciation for capturing emotion. He spoke about Michelangelo's work and demonstrated not only the emotional and artistic approach to what this amazing artist did but also it's relation to orthopedic surgery. Dr. Klapper also showed his own sculptures, which were re-creations of Michelangelo's work. It was amazing stuff just as his work has been as a surgeon. Many of his patients were in the audience and one elderly lady that was a patient of his thought I was a basketball player. She shook my hand and held it for a while. She was very sincere; shining in personality, similar to Dr. Klapper. Perhaps he injected sincerity into her along with the hip replacement. Dr. Klapper is the coolest... From what I've found out about him, he owns nine patents on the angled telescope and other instruments used to do hip arthroscopy. He's designed special tools to repair hip implants and he's got the hollywood credentials too being that he's served as a Orthopedic consultant to the "ER" television show... He's not a bragging kind of guy so I never knew about these things until I read it. The only thing he does is live with passion and along the way, make other's lives better through his incredible work as a surgeon and his natural gift of being a good man... Much respect..

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