Sunday, August 20, 2006


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I was mesmerized by this gorgeous lady today while hanging out on Venice Beach near the boardwalk area. The moment I saw her I couldn't resist. I had to capture her somehow though it wasn't in the way that I wished the most... ya know...something like me being able to slide up to her and say, what!(ref. Morris Day in Purple Rain) This young lady had a boyfriend with her so the best I could do was photograph her. She knew it... The moment I noticed her, she noticed me but she played it off pretty good. Then, I kept shooting her until I could capture that moment when she'd sneak and acknowledge me with a smile.. As you can see above, the camera loved her. She'd be amazing to do a photoshoot with, showing various unspoken sides of her personality. I wondered what her voice was like. She seemed very playful and flirtatious. I saw her stop to smile and play with a little baby. She danced carefree to an E-40 song that was playing over a sound system in the area. She had a walk that was really cute and sexy... Cheers to this Venice beauty. I thank her for that brief flirtatious moment and I send a wish to the stars that we can meet again though I'm not trying to take her away from her boyfriend, but I wouldn't mind.. *wink*

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Mr.Slish said...

She is baaad...It would have pained me to take those pics without any convo...Should have dropped your business card on the floor in front of her..Just to see if she calls for a copy of those pictures...if you know what I