Thursday, August 24, 2006


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This weekend I'm looking forward to checking out that Outkast movie, Idlewild. I'm a stickler for going-back-in-time stories anyway so I know I'm gonna love this one, especially being that its got those Outkast fellas in it. BUT...first things first.. The CD came out this week and I've been enjoying it. My favorite tracks are Train, Chronometrophobia, Hollywood Divorce, and a couple of other Big Boi dominated songs that I cant remember the titles of... I love Andre 3000 aka Andre Benjamin but I'm wishing he would return to rapping more. I dont mind the singing.. It's cool but in my un-called for opinion(wink), that brotha says a whole lot more when he raps! He can still maintain that artistic, creative, trailblazing role that he and his partner do by continuing to rap... But again, I dig some of the singing but I LOVE IT when he raps... Case in point.. the song Chronometrophobia... It's a super short song but lyrically it's the bomb... Peep these words as I think I got them right.. I listened a few times and then wrote them down..

Lord be havin mercy on my soul, I'm havin the impression that my life is gonna be a bowl... of cherries but it's very hard for me to cope... Got tired of being broke... This A-T-alien aint got no time to sit and mope. Made up my mind while y'all made up your beds... On a cold wooden floor is where I lay my head... Born in 1975 never thought I'd make it this far. Still battling in this racial war. Trying to find solutions to this situation I'm facing. Only thing that's free is my flow that y'all be chasing. Letting my niggas know before I go, I drop good knowledge like dropping books. Lets stop the crooks from robbing you of your brain and such. Using welfare as a crutch. I'm in it for good, you enter my hood, you wont be finding much. Hope that when I'm gone y'all remember this. What we stood for, fuck the fame and that glitz. It's beginning to look a lot like the ending. Got to be more careful, know what corners you be bending. Revelations getting inpatient now I'm dead. Remember what I said, I'm gone... Bow your heads...
Andre 3000

Despite that brotha not doing enough rappin on the CD, it's still a very creative and cool collection. I look forward to everything they do and hope that they do a lot more together. These two are unstoppable musically and they still got that fire... Special nod to my favorite female singer, Joi. She's singing on a couple of the tracks and is sounding especially sweet on my favorite called Train. I'll be checking her out in concert this weekend. Always the best live show you'll ever see. She's hot!

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Phoenix said...

Yeah I'm looking forward to seeing the movie tomorrow. I hope it is good and folks don't be hating on them.