Monday, August 14, 2006


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Nah, this aint the beginning of a Stevie Wonder song but latey I've been having the strangest... umm funny things been happening to a brotha. Seems like I'm always running into folks who just want to tell me something. Maybe this is something that's gonna turn into a weekend ritual. A complete stranger opening up, telling me stuff and me having absolutely no idea why they chose me.. Last weekend was Raymond who I actually enjoyed chilling with at Starbucks. This past Saturday it was Yvette at the gas station. Thanks to a very slow chick behind the counter unable to figure out how much change to give someone, Yvette who stood next to me simply started talking... I saw her when she walked up. I looked at her for a few reasons. One was that she looked like a female wrestler with way too much muscle. Two was that she was showing a lot of cleavage. Three was that her face was so manly-like and her lipstick looked like she put it on blindfolded... And the main reason I looked at her was that she walked up and stood right beside me rather than behind me as most folks would do standing in line. I was almost about to give her that "WTF" look but despite her having too much muscle, her boobs looked soft so that caught my eye for a *smile*

Anyway, Yvette just started talking. She told me she had just come from a wedding and that the groom kept his eyes on her rather than the woman he was to marry. She said the groom even followed her to the bathroom at one point and let her know that he wanted her. Yvette was at the wedding because she's a friend of the bride. She said she couldn't stay at the reception for fear of messing things up. She looked at me and said in a dumb blondish sort of way, "I dont know why he was acting that way, geez!" The lady behind the counter approached so I said "I'll have twenty on number eleven, please..."

"Eleven on twenty?"

"Nah, twenty on eleven!" And then I replied to Yvette before walking away. "Perhaps next time you should wear a turtleneck, some long pants and an overcoat."

As I walked away she asked "is my dress not right for a wedding?"

"What dress?"

You could see her thong through the fabric of the dress and it had one string around the waist which made it look more like a skimpy outfit for bedtime. One pull of the string and that dress would open completely... Who's gonna be next to tell me something that makes me ponder the question "why did they just tell me that?"


Blah Blah Blah said...

That's a good story.
But VAR....her boobies looked soft? LOL Your funny.

Despite the soft boobies and all...I don't know too many men that would look at the woman you described......then again....maybe soft boobies hold a lot more weight than I thought...:-)

VAR said...

Yep yep...her boobs looked soft as oppose to fake and hard... They had a realness to them as oppose to manufactored Yet the way she looked, I would've expected her to have the manufactored kind...

Shelia said...

You might have one of those spirits where folks feel they can talk to you. Don't find too many people that have that "ump" about themselves.