Thursday, July 08, 2004

The Road Was Da Bomb...

July Trip Posted by Hello

I'm back from a trip that took me from LA to New Orleans and in between two cities where excitement awaits, I journey'd to the backwoods of Daingerfield Texas. It was a cool visit with an angel, my cousin Maggie and an eye opening look at the dark side one can find within one's own family. It's amazing how one small country road can be the dividing factor between the two, but that's another story for another time.

New Orleans was fabulous! It was paradise for me as I drove into the downtown area. I got off on Poydras and headed down to the HIlton Riverside. I only looked back because I'd seen just as many beautiful sistahs in my rearview mirror as I'd seen through my front windshield. Paradise... Heaven... An island for a healthy imagination... And as I look back on the highlights of it all, I smile as each and every thought runs across my mind. Prince on Friday night with The Time, Morris Day, Shelia E., Chaka Khan, Doug E. Fresh... Saturday morning I had a latte and three beignets followed by several booksignings and meeting cool folks like author, Eric Pete. Saturday night at the Magic Johnson black and white affair. Ladies galore parading everywhere, no food to be found, drinks all over the place, free glasses of Remy Martin... Uh oh, I tried some and I knew I shouldn't have had two glasses of rum punch on an empty stomach... Head spinning but I stayed strong until I got to my hotel room. Before I could remove an ounce of clothing, zzzzzzzzzz! I was out like a light! Sunday was travel time as an incredible weekend came to a close but I couldn't leave Louisiana without hooking myself up with some boudain balls. I drifted down the highway with stronger dreams and more memories... Life is a good thang!

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