Sunday, July 11, 2004

2 All Of These, I Say Yes...

Ever seen a woman smile because she'd found you to be true? Ever seen a woman laugh because your honesty moved her spirit? Ever seen a woman cry because you connected with her very essence? Ever seen a woman close her eyes because everything you said reminded her of the dreams she once had? Ever watch a woman sleeping and wish you could be one with her soul? Ever watch a woman share her passion and realize what you mean in her life? Ever watch a woman grip the soil where the body of a loved one lied beneath? Ever watch a woman close her eyes and die? Ever watch a woman open her heart and then lie? Ever had a woman embrace you because you'd given her new life? Ever held a woman so close that nothing else mattered but the unspoken words and the hug itself? Have you ever stood back and really watched a woman?

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