Friday, January 27, 2012

It's More Fun In The Philippines... yep.. :-)

My yearly blessing has come once again for the third time. Three times- in the Philippines. They have a campaign going on right now to attract tourists called “More Fun In The Philippines.” I agree 100 percent with that idea though my reason may differ in depth. I mean, there are some gorgeous and stunningly beautiful scenery there but give me the hidden beauty of the small villages, the provinces with farmlands, the trees, the crowded town propers, and most of all, the people and you’ll find me having that fun they speak of. I went to Makati for the first time and it was beautiful. I could definitely see the growth and potential for more growth but hopefully not at the expense of the people... The SM mall, Glorietta, etc are enormous in size and have every store and restaurant you could wish for or imagine. A place of pure heaven for my love... Her eyes widened with excitement. But where do I truly get excited? In love's home province of Pangasinan! Let me eat some Lechon Manok, Rellenong Bangus and drink Sparkle or Royal soda. Puto in Calasiao. Hang with the beautiful children in the Rabon area of San Fabian, Pangasinan. More fun, yes! That’s where heaven is for me, especially since I get to enjoy all of this together with love. She’s my reason for this blessing in the first place... I'm so grateful. And what a blessing it was when she came up with the idea to feed the local kids after noticing how each day when I walked back to the house after visiting with them, I'd always have a few kids following me home. "Why not invite 25 or so and we can feed them.." she suggested. That 25 turned into 100 kids and a few mom's but that just made the experience so much more fun and they were all so kind and appreciative... We also gave away slippers for the children but we only had 37 pair after giving three pair to children standing outside the store that we purchased the slippers at. Maybe next time.. *smile* This trip was so special and it was capped off by the great 75th birthday celebration for love's mom and not to mention all the friends, classmates, and especially family that were there along with us... Bringing in the New Year in the Philippines. What an incredible way to start the year off... Thanks to love and thanks to the people we encountered each moment. Every hello meant something special.... Can't wait to go back!!

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Talisha Phillips said...

Hello V. Anthony Rivers my name is Talisha Philips and I am Arlene Rivers Granddaughter. General Rivers is my great grandfather. I have been trying to contact you to let you know about the Rivers Family book! we are also having a family reunion Aug. 21, 2015 here in Wichita, ks. My email
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