Wednesday, March 07, 2012

It's More Fun In The Philippines- TFC Connect

I forsee so much fun coming ahead when that day comes that love and I return to the Philippines. Not sure when that will be. Sometimes I find myself wishing, praying and imagining something incredible happening so that she and I would be able to visit not just once a year but maybe two or three times a year and stay much longer whenever we do go. I'm already enjoying the fact that time goes so fast because perhaps we're closer to that next visit. It's March already! Scary how fast time flies but that scariness turns into blessings when you have something you look forward to. Then when you have someone who means the world to you, any and all blessings are multiplied by 100. That's how I feel with my love. She's my shield that keeps me protected from the world, basically. There will always be bad days and challenges that come forth in life to knock you down for a moment but when you share in something so magical, so special and very real.... I mean, solid... the downtimes become like dust that you can quickly brush off your shoulders. Time moves too fast and life is too short to wallow in what takes away your smile, I've come to learn. That's definitely why I never allow one day to go by without celebrating my love, be it in quiet reflection of just thinking about her or doing something like what I did about a month ago when I wrote to the filipino channel for what they called "Love Month." One morning I heard the request for anyone to write in with a love story and attach pictures along with it. There was no way I could let that opportunity slip away without trying. And what a wonderful surprise it was to see and hear what I'd sent in being played on worldwide television on the TFC Connect program... Very cool... *smile* Here it is below..


Phil Grahm Salt said...

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VAR said...

I wasn't familiar with that former slogan but I think "WOW" is better. The incredible trips and wonderful moments that I've experience thus far can all be described that way... WOW! Thanks for dropping by the blog!