Monday, October 10, 2011


I'm lovin the power and energy of the movement that's going on right now. I've had the pleasure of going downtown to the Los Angeles version of what's going on in NYC and the Occupy Wall Street. I've heard about other cities across the country that have the same movement. It's pretty amazing. Sort of like the 60's again and it's definitely needed. Too much has happened and too many people have been asleep at the wheel of comfort, watching from the sidelines. And when you watch the politicians play childish games and debate trivial issues at the expense of lives, you wonder why is this allowed to happen. I'm glad to see what's happening with the various "occupations" and I pray something vital comes of all of it. For sure Washington is listening and watching but them actually doing something is a whole different thing. I don't believe the system will change or be overhauled so to speak but I do hope all this sweat, blood and energy will force things in the right direction and keep the so-called political leaders in check. I was also blessed to see Dr. Cornel West and Tavis Smiley speak at the OccupyLA site downtown and that was a real treat. I'll definitely make my way downtown again to capture more incredible moments like these... God Bless those good people sacrificing for everyone...

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