Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Reunion Reunited

Not too long ago(a few weeks), I had the pleasure of witnessing real true friends unite. It was a beautiful occasion for a wedding that turned into a reunion. I stood back and watched eventhough I felt so much apart of it. The best part was seeing my love so happy and enjoying the moment. There was no way I would resist being there right with her.. The wedding was wonderful The church was beautiful. Sort of like a big circle inside whereby the audience can basically sit around the entire stage though everyone in attendance sat on one side. After the ceremonies and during the time that pictures were being taken, the old friends/classmates reunited. Faces were filled with wide eyes and uncontrollable smiles. People saying names with question marks because they weren't sure if that truly was the person they were remembering. And then there were embraces and more smiles. I stood back and captured the moment with my camera. A lot of times when I'd see the ladies together, standing side by side lost in memory and reunited, they reminded me of the ladies on that show, Sex In The City having fun together. It didn't matter that they hadn't seen each other in maybe 28 years as one said. To me it seemed like they'd just seen each other yesterday because they picked right up where they left off; great friends having a great time together... It was great to witness it...

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