Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our Climate Divide

What happened to having class in this world? What happened to common sense, good natured, celebrating and respecting the differences in each other? What happened to basic respect? I'm watching all these shows; folks arguing left and right about healthcare yet they hold so much disdain and anger in their hearts. Healthcare and hatred don't seem like they should be living on the same block but hypocrisy has always been a part of the fabric hasn't it? There's also a whole lot of denial going on as some try to defend arguing as a healthy ingredient to coming up with the final plan; the final bill that will satisfy us all and give us "affordable healthcare." Maybe one day that's gonna be a beautiful achievement but in the meantime and right now, there's a lot of anger that doesn't give me the impression of people gathered together for the good of everyone. That's more like a mirage... The climate is strange and it's good that some in the media talk about it; make people aware... It's scary and then you wonder on one hand why the White House denies it but common sense also says that it might be to their detriment if they did acknowledge the hatred. What they say behind the walls is for sure much different than what they say behind the mic while eyes and pens wait for mistakes... Then as much as I appreciate Pelosi, the folks at MSNBC, and others speaking up about the climate getting worse and the potential dangers, it also gets to a point where it seems as if everyone is positioning themselves to be THAT ONE individual who said, "I told you so." And should the unthinkable happen, they'll say that and others will try to prove they were the ones who said it first... It's like an out of control snowball rolling down the hill making a huge racket; so noisy you can't hear yourself scream. But the thing is, this snowball that's laced with disrespect, anger, rudeness, and contempt has been building for a longtime, waiting for an opportunity like now. You see it on a small scale in every day life in how some treat others, and how some embrace stupidity and unnecessary acts over simple kindness and caring... Stuff that takes very little effort. But all this anger? Whew... that takes a lot of effort and that's why so many walk, talk and act like the end of the world is on their shoulders... But somehow, they muster up a smile because they relish in the possibility of screwing up your day or being that thorn that sticks deeper in your side.... The world is a trip and here we are.... what's next?

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