Friday, August 28, 2009

RIP: Ted Kennedy

I've never known the full extent of Ted Kennedy's presence, his life, his impact but I've always heard his name pretty much my entire life. My mother loved it whenever she'd hear about him or see him on TV. "There goes Teddy" or "Poor Teddy" or "What has he done now?" would always echo in the house. As I watched some of the tribute and memorial service today, I kept thinking how sad and how glued to the TV my mother would be right now if she were here. Pretty much everything makes me think of my mom after her recent passing but this one really makes me picture her face, her eyes, her shaking her head because of life's twists and turns but I know she'd be the first out there in line collecting any magazines or newspapers that might have a tribute to Ted Kennedy. I am truly amazed by his life, how full and how varied the experiences have been. The tragedies are tremendous though the strength and resiliency of he and his family is even more tremendous by far.. Sometimes you can measure a life by the stories left behind, falling from the lips of friends, acquaintances, family, and even to a very small extent; enemies, jealous foes, and advantage takers. Ted Kennedy's measuring stick seems quite long and with that, it's kind of cool to see a smile attached to a tearful eye from so many that he touched regardless of the closeness or distances between he and them... Aint no more pain for him; he's smiling and perhaps being welcomed home by his brothers....

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