Friday, August 07, 2009

Bittersweet Discovery

Eight years ago I discovered an old letter hidden deep inside the bedroom closet of my grandmother's house in Mt. Pleasant, Texas. It was a love letter written by her to my grandfather in 1930 something. Just a couple days ago I discovered another letter. This time it was written by my father in 1971 and addressed to my mother. What a find; a bittersweet discovery because in the letter my father talked about being so thankful and claiming that "someone up there likes us!" when speaking about doing so well with roof over head, a wife and a son. He wrote in the letter, "I look forward to spending the next 100 years together..." A few years after that, I can recall when my mother ran crying into my room, telling me that my father no longer wanted to be with us. It was kind of a shattering moment. One of those times that changes everything... I'm amazed my mother continued to hold onto this letter and kept it close by for all these years... Despite the heartache, her love remained forever. Now I suppose she's in heaven looking for him. Perhaps hoping to share something about life that she learned and join in a whole lot of prayer, hoping their son does alright...

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