Monday, March 09, 2009

The Argument Fascination

I look at television these days and wonder. For a long time I’ve been put off by the so-called reality shows and it seems like they’re here to stay for a while longer. I don’t get that stuff or why people enjoy it so much, just as I don’t understand the trend of shows that feature folks always arguing. Gone are the days of peaceful disagreements and calm voices of reason, with the exception of our President, of course. I turn to CNN; folks are arguing. I turn to ESPN; folks are arguing. I turn to MSNBC; same thing… I guess that stuff is popular and God forbid anyone should go their own route, be their own individual person and not follow trends, so as a result we get a lot of the same with just different faces. I wonder would Walter Conkrite enjoy today’s news business. I miss the good ol days of Tom Snyder late at night or even Ted Koppel although I’m still able to enjoy someone cool like Charlie Rose whenever I can catch him and even Tavis Smiley is a favorite too. I also enjoy Ed Gordon and love it when he’s on Chris Mathews show on MSNBC. Mind you, Chris has some argumentative moments but it doesn’t get out of hand because he has control of his “Hardball Show” and he seems to have a great deal of common sense.. Maybe it’s just me but respectfully, I just don’t get off on the argument style nor the unrealistic so-called reality TV shows that’s got regular folks imitating that stuff so that it becomes real…Like a mirror that’s held up with your image before you even step in front of it. If those shows are truly what we are, do and look like then I guess it’s no wonder why what we see happening in the world around us is the way it is… The only true reality in TV land that I think is interesting is in the way CNN reaches out to viewers and allows for instant reaction to stories and comments via the internet. I’ve used this several times myself and the whole iReport thing is pretty impressive especially when major things happen and someone with a camera is right there to capture the moment and send in the shot. That’s cool. Plus it’s cool seeing life through other folks eyes via images, words and thoughts shared. This sort of realness looks nothing like what I’ve seen briefly on those “reality” shows. Thank God for HGTV too… I like to dream and escape reality from time to time.. See a good movie, read a great story, listen to some incredible music, hear a wonderful speaker… Instead, everyone is on full volume, arguing, talking all at once, accomplishing nothing, trying to convince us that their consistently constant drama filled lives over silly things is important…*smile* Say that five times real fast.. I turned the channel the other day only to find some show about Hugh Hefner and his ex and some other lady and I’m thinking, this is important because why? This is entertaining, how? I waved my hand at the television, turned to CNN for five minutes and saw that they were repeating the same stories of the day. I turned to MSNBC and they’re showing back to back to back prison reality shows which at times can be interesting but ultimately make you depressed. I turned the TV off and returned to my computer. Thank God for Youtube and iTunes… My escape when I’m not creating or working on images captured from my own day to day…

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Sexkitten said...

Anthony. How are you? I was saying the same thing last night to a friend. My son was watching a show and everyone was screaming. Everything is a scream. I don't get it.

Glad things are going well for you. One step at a time. Enjoy life A. Where ever your are.