Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Anti-War/Pro-Jobs 3/21/09

Saturday was a blast... a beautiful experience.. I always love checking out protest rallies and marches. I feel like it's a great way to basically put your finger on the pulse of how some folks might be feeling about various issues. I go to listen, learn, observe and of course, capture the moment(s) with my camera as I work in the direction of showcasing some photojournalistic chops. On this day, Saturday, March 21st, 2009, it marked the sixth anniversary of the Iraq War and these good folks marked the occasion with a very well organized march down Hollywood Blvd. The back drop of this area was a strange twist to the seriousness, passion and togetherness exhibited by the marchers. Someone I know told me that this sort of thing is a "waste of time and folks could use their energy in a better way to do something more real" or something to that effect... I was kind of surprised to hear that coming from this person but I know that's pretty much attributed to someone who doesn't understand, passing judgement on something they've never experienced or attempted to witness firsthand. Without folks taking to the streets, I think a whole lot of what is now important history would've never taken place and a whole lot of freedom's never achieved. We no doubt need it all.. the efforts in the streets, the boardrooms, the courtrooms, the churches, etc etc, but I truly believe it's folks like these who put themselves out there on behalf of others that keep us moving forward without forgetting the steps taken beforehand. Don't rest on the lazy boy cushion of success or try to sweep things under the rug just because it don't feel good to remember... Checkout Obama.... part of what makes him who he is, goes hand in hand with his love for getting out of the White House and taking his message to the streets, the town hall meetings, face to face, letting folks know what's up. But just like with these protest rallies and marches, I bet he finds his methods as a great way to stay grounded and keep an ear close to a healthy slice of real true public opinion. On March 21st, I witnessed a whole lot of truth and passion and a great sense of community/togetherness...

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