Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Reach

Reaching for dreams away from the scene of the crime; obscene. The time I put into wasting away, sad, misery, fading in the game playing of another's existence. Walking around like hot sand stuck to my face; eyes hidden. I tasted something I never imagined but always knew could be reality. Like a magnet I flew head first; smack! It took a dream to pry myself away from the misery. A reminder like a brick thrown in my direction. The mirror shattered. I didn't need the view anyway. I wore my reflection on my sleeve. All I had to do was lift my arm and sniff. The dirt at the end of my sleeve represented my future in two ways. Either I was gonna jump or fly, make it or die, live, hurt, fight, climb, reach, use my mind again and remember those dreams that I put aside. Bring them back to the forefront. I'm making effort more than a try...

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