Monday, September 04, 2006


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As the police vans rolled in one by one across the Venice Boardwalk, the fella above with electric guitar in hand yelled out "Here they come! Homeland IN-security!" Then he hit us all with a barrage of electric sounds that spoke volumes to those passing by. Most would agree that this brotha needs to learn him some chords!!! His heart was in it and he posed real good...

That's how my weekend began and it's been a hot one in Southern Cali. The energy out here is a mixture of positive and negative. The heat brings out the worst in folks, especially those behind the wheel of an automobile. People honking for no reason or speeding to get around you-for no reason. Just people generally acting a fool.

I had a fabulous booksigning on Saturday at Zahras Books & Thangs located in LA on La Brea. I had a good time. Again feeling the heat. Sweating and greeting folks that came in the door. Most that came in already had my book or had seen it advertised around town and thought about getting it. Everybody promised to get it in the future, meaning that despite my fun-filled two hours chatting with the friendly customers and enjoying my visit with beautiful Trisha behind the counter and the beautiful owner Renee, I sold zero books! lol.. That's the hazards of booksignings.. Sometimes you do great and other times you do nothing at all but it can still be fun.

As always whenever I do a signing there's one person that comes in and takes up at least fifteen to thirty minutes of your time talking typically about a desire to write a book or questioning why black folks dont buy and/or support black product. I had one of those moments but I appreciated it and went with the flow. Killed some time and bonded with the brotha for a few minutes. He was there looking for some mystery books so I told him about a few that he promised to come back and buy along with my book.

Sunday, I went to the annual African American Marketplace festival. People were walking around with umbrellas or knocking each over trying to find some shade. It was funny. The vibe at the festival was really nice and positive. Great music filled the air. I heard over a loud speaker that Fantasia was moments away from performing onstage so I went over to the stage area. I took a look thinking I would hear some singing but instead it was a dance troupe of about eight little girls dressed in purple, doing their thang. It was cute. I enjoyed it. Then I got a request of a donation by some Dorsey Highschool cheerleaders. They looked like what I used to always term "future foxes" on their way to becoming serious heartbreakers. I donated some money and gave a poster card to them about my book since Dorsey High is featured in the story. My battery was low in the camera so I didn't bring it into the festival. I missed a lot of moments this weekend by not having the camera ready but just like that signing, you win some, ya lose some but you can always have a great time! :-)

After the festival I headed to my favorite Starbucks in the Ladera Center. You can always find several things there.. great gossip, beautiful ladies, cool cars and motorcycles... This time the air was filled with talk about a shooting that happened on Crenshaw Blvd. The fellas were all taken back by the lawlessness and disregard for life. One fella made an interesting comment that is also a sad reality... He said "one good thing about these dudes pulling the trigger lately is that they dont just spray a crowd with bullets. Now they walk right up on the muh-fukka and shoot him!" Everybody chimed in as another fella described what he heard about the shooting... "They said motorcycles was passing by so nobody really heard the shots eventhough it happened at 4:30 in broad daylight. Homeboy just walked up to the car and shot that dude six times, they said... Defintely on some retaliation tip. It dont matter how long it take. They'll wait to find you." After that, there was a little bit of silence for a moment and then a change of subject as a lovely lady walked inside Starbucks putting a smile back on everyone's face...

It's been a good weekend and now that the actual holiday is here, I'm planning to just chill, burn some food on the grill and relax.. It's still burning hot outside but eating good food makes it a lot more bearable... :-)


Sexkitten said...

Hi Anthony. First, I need to get a copy of that book. And I still don't know how to do it. Can I order it at

Secondly, I need to come over and chill with you. I just may take that vacation you mentioned.

Kisses from Kitten.

Mr.Slish said...

Get your mack on Bruh...Looks Like sex kitten needs a soft pillow to rest her head

I promise I am going to buy and read your book..Just as soon s I remember the

VAR said...

Hey..Slish and Kitten.. Shame on both of you about the book! lol.. The title? My Life Is All I Have. And its definitely available via and should be in your local bookstores... You ever been to Hue-man books Slish? My book should be there... Hey..I'm semi-bigtime so I should be pretty much everywhere! lol.. gee whiz.. :-)

Kitten, I dont have any furniture in my house but we can still get comfy and Still in the middle of a major re-decorating, remix sort of thang, HGTV style.. :-)

Sassy Brit said...

Hey Big Guy! LOL

Thank you loads for my T-shirt! Yes, it did put a HUGE smile on my face, especially when I saw the size of it! (I'm only 5"2 but I wasn't going to let that stop me - so I planned to wear it in bed!) However,when my 'old man' saw it, on it went, and he now classes it as his! Which is good, as I can see it better on him, and because he can wear it outdoors (ha!) other people can see it, too!

So, a big thank you to you again. It was a lovely surprise.

Also, for those who haven't read Anthony's book, I have and it's bumpin'. He writes solid characters you really care for, and he knows how to keep you turning those pages!
(And I'm not just saying that because he sent me/my 'old man' a T-shirt- honest!)


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Blah Blah Blah said...

Hey you...

At the Harlem book fair this year I really noticed how you have to have your sell skills up to par... I know I was a difficult sell because I don't want to be bothered...I wanna read the jacket then move on. *but I'd stop to talk to you Anthony*
I thought about writing a book once...but seeing those authors sitting in the humidity/rain/heat...I couldn't do it.