Friday, September 29, 2006

Eyes All Mine

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Lone souls fill the city streets with heads down, walking, thinking, appearing oblivious to their surroundings yet there's no doubt each one sees the other. For some reason there's this perception that if we dont connect we're better off and thus, more times than not you see folks with their heads down, tracing the path of the sidewalk, on their way to wherever they're going. And I say to this, lift each other up with a hello and maybe a smile 'cause nine times out of ten you will leave that moment wanting to say thanks because it came exactly when you needed it.

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kolohe jo said...

Connecting! Exactly! What makes people so afraid of that little connection with the eyes and saying hello.

People are so amazed at how locals here in Hawaii will say hello to complete strangers. Sometimes when I pass visitors and say hello with a smile I feel like it scares them. Come on now ~ a little greeting is that intimidating? Imagine what the world could be if we just took the time to say hello and share a smile.

If more people thought like you Mr. Rivers ~ the world would be a much nicer place to be. . . ;>