Wednesday, July 05, 2006

How do you catch a fallen angel...

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The door was unlocked; the living room empty. I felt a breeze from behind. It pushed me further inside. Actually, it wasn't that strong but something about that cool air caressing the back of my neck inspired me to take a few steps forward. That's when I heard music coming from one of the rooms. The cool jazzy sound was like a satin rope pulling me in the direction of where it came from. I couldn't resist. There was turmoil flowing through my veins like an uninvited guest who knew better than to step foot inside a place they'd never been before. That was me; uninvited. I didn't know why I was there but I was-there. The music was oh-so seductive, yet a little bit sad. The beat was mid tempo and yet it hypnotized you into timing your steps, carefully... The voice was familiar. It sounded as if she were singing with pain in her heart, clutching whatever she wore as if trying to rip her clothes off. She was one of those beautiful legends that you wish whoever knew her could've done something to save her... Still, inside this house I wondered who was in the room keeping company with the voice of that songstress from the past. I almost didn't want to turn the corner. I'd reached the room where the music was playing. The words of the song at that moment were "I can't take this living all alone..." and then I heard the sound of someone fighting back tears followed by the ruffling of paper. I looked inside and found a fallen angel sitting on the floor. She was releasing everything she held inside of her onto the page in front of her. I couldn't see what she was writing but I could only imagine how it echoed the sentiment of the song that filled the room. It was Phyliss Hyman's, Living In Confusion. I was at a loss myself. I didn't know what to do.. How to proceed and/or how to intrude... A moment of rescue.

A few days later I had lunch with her. We talked. Her smile was guarded. She appeared embarrassed but thankful. We parted with a hug and said goodbye. Recently, she sent me a card from North Carolina that included a picture of two kids and a man standing next to her with a smile and spirit that glowed as if he were born again. This time I was able to read her writing very clearly. She wrote:

Thank you for intruding. *smile* I'll never forget what you did for me. I know its been a while since we've been in touch but just know that you will forever remain close to my heart. Even in your silence that day as you struggled to figure out what to do, you still inspired me. I smile at the memory of your nervous hand reaching out to wipe my tears and I laugh when I think about how you warned me you were going to give me a hug as if you thought I would punch you. I've told my husband about that day and he thanks you too. Maybe one day you'll visit and we can all smile together... You could fill the empty space that would make this picture inside complete. That of a dear friend. A man who can inspire a woman to try life again. I can't thank you enough...


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