Sunday, February 05, 2006

Somewhere On The Edge Of Love

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Before we took a step further we talked. We thought about the potential. The footprints we'd leave behind. The russled leaves. The damage to a vein or a tree branch broken. We kept our distance. One of us believed it was for the best and one of us could see the possibility that what we'd share would make the world around us even more beautiful. We could plant for the future. Spend time cultivating something magical. Make a toast to the future everytime we'd inspire each other's smile... One of us believed but the other could not see so one of us lied and agreed that distance was cool... just because and just so that it would be easier...for her...


Shai said...

Oh, my God! Anthony, you just wrote part of what I had in my mind. Except mine is called The Edges of Love.

Wow! Talk about minds thinking alike. What made you write that?

N~Control said...

This is absolutely beautiful! And so true in alot of cases.

How are you doing these days?

VAR said...

Hey Shai... Love made me write that and missing a connection that recently pulled away from me. Those words and thoughts that you see just came from nowhere. Then I found that picture that I had taken in east Texas and everything flowed together.. Thanks for the visit. I really appreciate it..

N~Control... Thank you.. I'm doing pretty good. Gearing up for the book stuff and always trying to live good. Hope you're doing great!

Sexkitten said...

Yes, we leave, we say it's okay to say goodbye, and we part with sadness in our hearts and mourn what could've been... if only you had the foresight to see the beauty in what I'm offering you, the love, the passion and fire that is within me. If only you could see, but you don't so we turn and walk away. But it still hurts, doesn't it?

Anthony, I connect so much with you. Hope all is well. I'll write soon. I wanted to drop in and catch up.