Saturday, February 25, 2006

For A Reason...

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When something that comes from your heart develops into something bigger than yourself, compromise is a word lost within the universe. The only thing you should reach for is the power with which you believe is equal to the purpose of what you're striving for...


Today was a moving experience.... a test... a challenge to self and then I lost myself in the magic of a beautiful film/story by Tyler Perry called "Madea's Family Reunion." Wow... I was blown away by the power and spirit of this story. All the actors were top notch and did an incredible job. The women of all ages were stunning... The elders moved me to tears. The power of love expressed in this film is what I strive for when writing my own stories... And the inspiration I walked away with was pure strength and believing in the purpose of what I'm after with respect to something very dear to me. I have to thank my friend Tee C. Royal for the equally inspiring and powerful conversation we had after the movie. The cool thing about it was that eventhough she's in Atlanta and I'm out here in LA, we both coincidentally saw this film at the same time today... And she said to me "things happen for a reason."


Shelia said...

Somethings can't be compromised. If Tyler Perry would have let the naysers stop him, he wouldn't be the success he is today. I love his plays and his movies. They make you laugh, cry, and most importantly they all make you think. His stories shine hope even in a dismal situation. Things do happen for a reason.

Tee C. Royal said...

They do happen for a reason Anthony. Stand still, listen, and do what you have to do. The good thing is that you actually see the bigger picture and what's really important: that some things are bigger than each of us.

Stand Still. Listen.

Much Respect,

kolohe jo said...

You know what they say....."Good things don't come easy." So imagine the journey for something as great as this!

You will choose the right path...your heart will tell you.

jo ;>