Sunday, February 13, 2005

That Time In February

2/13/05 Posted by Hello

Mother Nature's been having fun with Southern Cali folks... Seems like she aint too keen on wearing sunglasses just yet so she decided to keep the flow of rainfall at a constant downpour. Life's been really wet in the city of angels. Driving skills been tested everyday and LA drivers usually fail that. I've done my best to avoid the same downfalls and to appreciate the glimmer of light when the sun pokes it's head out. It's sort of like being patient because you have no doubt that the best days are ahead. Or being patient because you know one smile can lead to another if you're doing things for the right reasons. That's the best kind of motivation. The kind that greets you during unexpected daydreams of candlelit dinners or a midnight hug somewhere because something deep inside told you to say "yo, It'll be Valentines Day tomorrow. Meet me at midnight under the stars..."

In my dream, she'll say yes but in a John Legend sort of reality, it aint happening but a brotha can dream...dream...imagine... For those that dont know J.L., he sings a song called "Take It Slow." Patience Mister Anthony, a friend tells me.

For the most part, patience is a beautiful thing because in between all the realities, I've got dreams for days... Those dreams keep me on track because as I said before, my purpose and each step that I pursue is mean't for all the right reasons...

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